Welcome to Sacobel

For well over 40 years Sacobel World Leather Confections B.V. has specialised in the import and sales of working gloves, rainwear, welders clothing, workwear and safety shoes. The working area, as far as purchasing is concerned, mainly spans the Far East. The sales activities - to wholesalers only - stretches over about 50 countries in and outside of Europe.

The Policy

Sacobel strives to realise a correct price/quality relationship for all its products. On this foundation, Sacobel has built up a good reputation over the years and is convinced that this ambition creates the basis for a sound future. 

Product Range

Over the years, Sacobel’s range has gone through a strong development. During the recent years, workwear and safety shoes have become an important pillar in our range of products. This catalogue is giving you a clear picture of our standard range. For alternative styles, or styles which are not illustrated, it is always recommended to contact our sales department, since it is not out of the question, that Sacobel may find a suitable solution for your specific enquiry.